Confessions of a Liberal

Confessions of a Liberal.


The Reality of Middle Earth

Constantly changing, unmapped & fluid, Middle Earth is, like a Crescent Wrench, vastly adjustable.

What is Change?

Here’s a brash opener for starters:

We need to change from a country that builds, sells & distributes weapons to the World to one who truly strives to insure Peace & Stability on Our Earth.

After September 11, 2001?

After all the recent calamities & Reawakening in Wisconsin?!? Africa? The Middle East? Japan?

You may ask?

I answer:  Just  bumps in the road. Pot holes. Catalysts. If used & interpreted well, used to focus the attention of True American Patriots on the Real Issues at Stake. Focus like a Laser Beam. Focus more accurate than an electron sweep telescope employs. A focus certainly more ‘important’, though probably less ‘beautiful’ than the incredible images sent back to us from our intrepid myopic third eye:  Hubble.

For too long, way too long, we have allowed war, instability, and planetary social distress to affect & effect America’s True, God Given Mission on Earth:  To Be The Beacon of Hope & Liberty for ALL Oppressed Peoples on Our Planet.

We NEED to finally, decidedly & permanently take heartfelt heed & consummately act with important deeds to answer President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning against the pernicious & scandalous influences of the Military/Industrial Complex.


All of it. Down to the last nut, bolt, screw, government schill & paycheck.

The continued existence of Planet Earth in this Solar System, in this Galaxy, in this Universe: Depends on the outcome of our combined efforts, strengths & weaknesses.

It will not be easy.

In fact, this will be the most difficult and all-consuming change we have ever as a Nation invested in, including: Our Revolution, Our Civil War, Our Gilded Age, both ‘World Wars’ and everything since. History depends on being able to accomplish this Mission. Our very position in the Universe is at Stake.

Much damage, much irreversible damage has already been suffered upon our fragile & ever-changing Eco-System & Environment:  From beyond the depths at the bottom of Our Oceans, to beyond the Fragile Canopy of Our Stratopshere, and further, on into Space and even beyond that.

The Nuclear Age has permanently fractured the Time-Space Continuum. Permanently, adding even more imperative Issues to Our Fix or Fate Estate.

You don’t believe me?

Then: You will not believe anyone who tries to give you proper & timely warning. You may as well lay down right now and succomb to your Death. For, success of our venture or not:  That is surely in the future for you. For all of us, faster than we thought, if we do not fully realize and truly act upon the present position of Our Planet in Time. ACT together accordingly, swiftly and accurately.

I have a workable, equitable, profitable Solution. Yes me.

The Ironworker.

I know you. I have looked Down on All of You. President & Pauper alike: I have looked down on you.

You are an interesting lot, from my vantage point. Actually, from up there, standing on an exposed Rib of Our Nation, leaning against a Column of Our Progress:  I have looked Down on You.  I have Spit:  On You.

Don’t worry, spit breaks up & flies apart on the way down, well, maybe not Levi-Garrett spit, but, you know.

That actually was a pigeon shit in your hair last week. Not my fault, … But:  Did it get your attention?

May I have your attention?

From up there, looking down, it all looks like it works perfectly. Traffic, weather, planes flying by~perfectly. Like Ken Watanabe’s expiring word in ‘The Last Samurai’: “Perfect.”

So what do we DO, friends & associates of mine have asked? And rightly so, few have answers to quell quaking hearts.

I have an answer. Probably not original in its Totality, but certainly credible in its Simplicity.


We NEED to INVENT & IMPLEMENT: The Alternative Energy/Infrastructure Complex.


We need to finally derail & permanently distance ourselves from the Coup de Etat triggered by events surrounding Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1963.

Kennedy knew.  It is evident in his National Security Memos. Check it out. Consult Fletcher.

The C.I.A.:  Capitalism’s Invisible Army, will lie to you. Witness Iraq. The ‘warnings’ of impending Middle East Upheaval.

You have to follow the money, but, I digress. Another essay, some other future day.

I have Faith.

I have Faith in MY Country:  The United States of America. Like Winston Churchill so aply put, and I paraprase now- will clarify for real Publication:  “The United States will do the Right Thing. AFTER it tries everything else”.

We NEED to INVENT & IMPLEMENT:  The Alternative Energy/Infrastructure Complex.

Well. How do we do that, you honestly & hungrily inquire? How do we do that?

Before I answer:

A very brief, not all-inclusive History:

Very much mirroring prior to World War I, before Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941: The United States was at Peace. The World wasn’t, & grudgingly, we were fueling their efforts with materiel & intelligence. From China and all around the Globe to Russia, the World was in an uproar. Let me rephrase that for clarity & accuracy’s sake: The Northern Hemisphere of Our Planet: was in an uproar of varying intensity. But, the United States, Forty-eight of them, were at ‘Peace’. It was a Sunday morning.

The Proverbial Shit Hit the Fan. With Vengeance, from Japan.

Sayonara Peace.

Within four years, in less than four years, the United States switched from an Industrial/Agricultural Society to be the Biggest, Baddest, Meanest Motherfucker on the Planet:  Bar None.  Nobody could touch us.  Not without immediate, deadly & catastrophic damage to their National Existence.

Within One Year: We changed from that Industrial/Agricultural Society, retooled, and became: The Military/Industrial Complex. You think you are safe at your job at Dairy Queen? You are not. The influence of the Military/Industrial Complex travels like atoms of cells through the capillaries of our Daily Life, just as the Night follows the Day. It is presently: Inescapable. Everyone in America, one way or the other, is inherently wrapped in its sphere of influence. Yes, even you, you tired, old, bran eating Hippies. And I thank God for you. You knew.

We changed, re-tooled, re-rigged, re-invented & transported every moment of American Time into the War Effort. And we won. Fair & Square. Entered and won, on five continents the War Against Totalitarianism. We won.

Judging from recent events in the United States House of Representatives, we might just as well have lost.

But, we Won. And, through the Marshall Act, we rebuilt & reinvigorated our many former Mortal Enemy Nations.

Now, we are where we are, left with what we have left.

We NEED to INVENT & IMPLEMENT: The Alternative Energy/Infrastructure Complex.

We need to make sure we have products to sell, that is a staple fact of the very Hope of America. We have to distribute our new found Truths, Freedoms & Abilities to the Rest of the Planet, or, we have shirked our responsibility.

To Once Again:  Be the Brightly Burning Beacon of Hope for the Oppressed People of Our World.

We need to help transition and retool the Industrial Giants, the benefactors of the Military/Industrial Glut, in order that they may fully be able to realize & help transition our way back, back the long hard road of Military Adventurism & Profit that this last almost Seventy Years has been, for naught but False Security, Profit & Death.

It will not be easy. It will be vastly expensive. It will require every molecule of our desire.

But what of the Alternative?

Complete & Total Planetary Doom. And we will never know what hit us. We will never know if it was the chicken or the egg, no one will be left to care. And Hubble will blankly stare back at where we were, wondering: What the Fuck was That? With nobody we presently Know of to tell of Our Fate & End.

We need to make sure, we need to Guarantee that Our Planet receives the very best of Our Efforts, that it may become the Planet it so Divinely Deserves to Be.

The Planet John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pointing to, before his head exploded into his Wife’s lap.

We made it to the Moon, didn’t We?

Peace. I hope you think. I hope you act. I want so to look up to see you, every new morning. Every day we have left.

Because, you see now:  Middle Earth is a place in Our Hearts, not Our Wallets.

For What It Is Worth.

It probably doesn’t matter.

All my life I’ve been schooled & trained & hand’s on implemented the ‘gotta have a Plan’  & ‘Where Do You Wanna Be in 5 Years’ & ‘Gotta make a List’ crowd Credo. & Frankly, I never really ‘got’ it. I mean? WTF? What ever happened to Principle. & Integrity. Intestinal Fortitude? I see so much clamoring through the details & detours, and, for me: It seems not enough study, reflection, … Like we are always just now reacting to the moment just passed, with yesterday’s rudder reckoning…. Who knows to what end?

No One.

So much lost caving in the details, one can morph from cuisine to cosmoline in minutes these days. I’m not the observant interloper. I was quite involved in several & varying careers, spending the most time as an Ironworker & much as a student/adventurer. When the Economy Plummeted, thus so too went Our Work. Our Expression was gone… Cityscapes: Finished ~some, Others:  Bent, undone ~C.O.D.?

I have always been politically aware. Crests & Waves, but after a calm first six years, followed by Opening Act: Dealey Plaza :: FLASH :: You know, the gritty black and white by heart by now, if you’re my age. I really think since then, since right before then & through Martin & Bobby: that there has been a wickedly close, if not entirely entangled web of circumstantial happenings & meetings that when taken separately & allowed to shrivel their own half life of attention garner little. But if one steps back & considers the calamities so incurred, there exists an insipid, under-lying & insidious political stench, one not unfamiliar to this World.

I don’t like conspiracy theories. Introduced to them @ such an early age as I was, with barber shop Life & Look & Time & you know, Argosy & True Detective ~Buck Owens , Merle Haggard, the Beatles & Viet Nam & “Some Day Alice: Trip to the Moon!” Became True. The Mets. The Colts. Conspiracies, as I’ve gotten older, always seem to be fleshed to deflect or obstruct & distract, rather than to guide one or thousands of researchers to: The Truth, which always seems to be pidgeoned & slathered away, most like that Ancient & Unattainable Cask of Amontillado.

Time after time, since 1963, hopeful & expansive Democratic Administrations & Economies have been snuffed, stiffled by rifled & refined Right Wing vitriolic Hatespeak which abhorrently and freely takes Liberty with Truth & License in order to ‘report’ & ultimately Impliment their Draconian Government Overlays, by inculcating an often Honorable, though misguided & disgruntled Conservative audience with plots of  ‘over-throw’ & Turner Diary solutions & Militia Groups, Skinheads & other unnamed but not unknown Hate groups proliferating in North America.

Nor does this Writer fear those groups or any of their Lieutenants or Stooges.

I do think though, that a time has come. A time has come for  this American to say:  Whoa! Stop the Nonsense. Stop it.

I get all the 2nd Amendment, I love guns, weapons myself: Grew up in W. Maryland Highlands, & 82nd Airborne Veteran. I can definitely ‘Weaponate’, on Command, if need be. I think it is in the shots, & I know the training & espirit de corps our Airborne Cadre Inspired in us, maybe most of us, in the late ’70’s. Maybe.

But I have to speak today to something that has been marginalized & falsely diminished in light of today’s political climate worldwide, and convulsive Conservative forays into National Policy Manuevres.

I am Caucasian. Of Irish-German heritage, my family hails from Washington County, Maryland. Beautiful, rolling  Appalachian foothills, sweeping valleys & vistas dotted with aging stage, river boat & trolley stops ~now all Historic & Quite Suburban. There is a Rickard Mountain among the Bear Pond Mountains spanning the Pennsylvania- Maryland border, aka ‘The Mason & Dixon Line’. My paternal Grandfather Wm. ‘Max’ Rickard was a policeman in Hagerstown. Worked ‘the Bowery’.  Black Section, for those of you who do not remember before the Civil Rights Act. And the Voting Rights Act. And Yes, They were Separate. And also Separate Acts.. He worked his way to Chief, and later retired. My Dad retired as a Colonel of Security, Department of Corrections,  State of Maryland.  He was hired in 1957, the year I was born and long before Prisons & Penitentiaries were De-Segregated. I was taught the Latin for my Church & how to field strip, clean, oil, charge & accurately fire a 1903A3 Springfield Rifle & many other & sundrie pistols, handguns & machinery, for my country. I understand ALL THAT!!

I get it.

It is criminal, seditious & ultimately the most Treasonous & Un- Patriotic Act a person, persons, or confederates may do, say or Preach:

To Preach:  Hear Me!

Preach: White Supremacy, Nazi, Fascist or any other wholly Totalitarian Ideology as its Corporate Ideology or Creed, and any and all legal investigations of  these Organiazations by Federal Law Enforcement & Judicial Powers should be implemented in seeing that this message, legal in its bearing yes:  This message is damaging, counter-productive & counter- Intuitive to every Tenant, both Applied & Implied in Our United States Constitution, Authored by Our Fore Fathers; many & various though they be. It is contentious & in direct contradiction of the Freedoms & Liberties Guaranteed by Our Most Sacred Documents, Actions & History.

Every One of  Us.

Every One of  Us:  Guaranteed by the Blood, Lives & Sacrifices of Multitudes of Americans who trudged before Us. Every One of  Us Owns Certain Inalienable Rights. We Are Free Citizens, & In Each of Us & through each of us & our corpus interloci, we mutually guarantee & underwrite each other’s rights. To Free Expression, no matter how much like Oratory, or more influential to the Olfactory.

We are guaranteed the right to Free Assembly, and just as I decry the I say depraved displays of Teutonic muscle in the Heartlands, I also say it is way past, it is morally way past time that we have not protected the Sanctity of the bearing of a fallen Warrior’s Return Home and their subsequent Memorial & Internment. It is deplorable & unthinkable in an America I Love & Serve.

But in this piece ~ Let me please Ram this Home to All Americans:

The Very Freedoms we so Enjoy, also wholly Allow the Opposing & Oft Violent Rebuttal of Freedom.

It is the Pin of Our Trunnion:  The Rule of Law.  Not Men. Law. And Law, though more often flawed, chaotic & contradictory in Its’ Conclusions, has its own Tenor & Hue. Ebb & Flow ~sometimes mirroring, sometimes skewering public tradition & sentiment. Synchronicity is not a Pre-Condition or Requirement of Legality or Enforcement. Ever. It most probably should not be, if each case, each petition is to be heard, or challenged for at least a Sum of Veracity.

I say this: The Sum of an Individual’s, Groups’s or Organization’s Utterences & Actions, Threats & Harassments, to any and all  Peoples of these United States ~Citizens & Tourists, Temporary Workers & Diplomats alike, all we Invite & Hold as Our Pleasure of a Day may & very well should be comfortable in their Person, & Possession, their Firm & their Finery, as we have all witnessed~ & Be Able to Accomplish & Invest Their Day & Their Interests Freely & Without Discharge or Molestation by any Person or Entity.

And the Right Wing Radio Head Mob doesn’t want Freedom. They don’t want Diversity. They don’t want a Level Playing Field. They Don’t want anything but to maintain the Good Old White Boy Secessionist Ideologies & Mid 20th Century Hatespeak to Influence and Guarantee them their Armies of Followers & Then Ultimate Control of the World.  And Freedom will be Dead. Killed by the very vermin that clutched Her to Death.

Killed by the ‘Free’.  The Free.  The Free: The Free To Choose HATE.

Countering Elitist Vitriol ~ From 2K10: Clairvoyant?

You know, Mr. McG’s inflated view of himself as a champion of debate is further evidence of the elitist vitriol and invective that infuriates the working and voting classes of America. His disgust with my rebuttal, after he opened the door of personal attack in a public forum, evidenced by saying my ‘ intolerant’ stance had ” a bit of straw man pushing that argument.” What does he know of me, or my knowledge and deep concern, on a concrete level for these issues, and this bill in particular? Who, I ask you, threw down the gauntlet? Who, when challenged, left the field of debate in a huff, claiming: ” I don’t know how to react to disagreement”? Not all debate, I am happy to report, and especially not all effective, pragmatic, solutions oriented debate happens within the Ivory Tower, the Halls of Congress or the Chambers of the Legal Bar. Most debate, of any long-lasting cognitive accomplishment, is settled in the rank and file, among the participants, among the affected. We, I believe I can speak openly for the working class, are grievously fatigued by the high-handed and condescending manipulation of our views and input by those who would wish to squelch our opinions and God given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to have our voices heard.

We listened to the arguments during the Bush years that Americans couldn’t handle the onslaught of construction and other jobs which were to follow along the economic bubble propelled by his irresponsible tax breaks. Where are those jobs now? Why was not the rebuilding of our decaying infrastructure a necessity during his two terms as President & Commander in Chief? Is the goal of the Elite to truly establish and defend two America’s: one for the ‘haves’ and one for the ‘have nots’? Before I entered into a commitment of service to Our Country, as a soldier in the true elite, America’s ‘Guard of Honor’: The 82nd Airborne Division, I raised my hand to uphold our laws and Constitution against all enemies, WITHIN and WITHOUT. I have never for a moment rejected or reneged on my commitment and oath of honor, and I never will. As a member of another elite organization, The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers, I have helped build this country for thirty years, from sea to shining sea. And I am Proud of my Life, my Honor, my Work, the hard work and efforts of my Brothers and Sisters and my commitment to Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

Let all naysayers and opponents be aware: We live here, We work here, and We vote here….
They oughta slap the owners of the companies that take unfair advantage of aliens, legal or not, with charges of Treason. Might put a stop to the “Magic Kingdom” the illegals imagine, but DID NOT HELP BUILD! Why should Native Americans, and I am a White Native American, pro-Union veteran, wait in line behind unwelcome ‘guests’? WTF? I hate to admit it, but Ross Perot was right on with this issue. All GATT/NAFTA did was lay out a red carpet entry way for abuse of the American Worker & Way of Life. I don’t begrudge opportunity to legal immigrant populations, hell, my Grandma was from Ireland. But she worked, married, raised a 5 Star WWII American family, and her progeny are successfully contributing to the American Spirit. No one should be allowed to enter Our Country and set up satellite Third World Neighborhoods. Come to America, become American: OR LEAVE. Go back to where you had it ‘so good’ before, and contribute to getting your own God-forsaken countries in line with Progress. Then, they won’t be so easy to leave… Ever wonder why so very few Americans emigrate? Think about it! I am NOT anti: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Gay, Islam or whatever the force du jour is. I AM against healthy able bodied Americans paving the way to perdition with laziness and apathy. This is the Greatest Nation Ever, and can only remain so if the Citizenry expect and demand the very best outcomes for the most people, from their representatives, Republican, Democratic or whatever flavor they choose. The Constitution works and thrives, and NOT only when your Party controls the reigns. We are America, and we better get and stay involved, or we are going to become the biggest FAILED HOPE in History. And if our lights go out, whoso will represent & defend Freedom to the World?


Free markets have devastated this country The unions…

Free markets have devastated this country! The unions stopped the first wave, now we’ve been literally invaded by third world countries, either people in or jobs out, and it has become every free- thinking citizen for him/her self to defend themselves against the status quo! Remember $4.40 for gas just before last election cycle? Think that was a … fluke? How about Wellpoint, and their multi-digit inflation of HC policies, year after year? Free market? Helpful? Free market? How come we can’t sell cars in Asia, but they can here? Tariffs too high? Don’t think so. Difference of product priority and infiltration of domestic market and manufacturing base. Free market: Cheney/Halliburton/Blackwater feeding/gassing/housing American military enterprise overseas? At our expense? The American taxpayer financed that debacle, and none of that scum has been held accountable, no they are exulted by their syncophants. The military used to support itself, in field & food, until ‘menial jobs’ were farmed out, for profit, so the ‘all volunteer’ (yeah, right) force could ‘modernize’. Cheney/Rumsfeld. The political right and their sibilant slaves have wielded the ‘free market’ myth to fleece the uneducated flock. There never has been ‘free markets’ and there never will be. All markets are co-dependent on all they touch, and independent of none: Witness the recent housing crunch, which has directly effected me, and I have never built a house! Witness past oil embargoes, which crippled this nation in early seventies. President: Nixon. His politics: Free market. His answer to world wide problem: Price and wage freeze. Free market? The biggest, most un-nerving, de-stabilizing urban myth and conservative rallying point I have personally ever heard of. The end result of a totally ‘free market’ economy is economic enslavement of the populace, and subsequent widening of the income gap, elimination of the ‘middle class’ and a return to feudalism. It is based in the colonial ideals of ‘mercantilism,’ and it failed during the capitalistic exploits of the independence movements of emerging nations after WWII, and it will rightfully fail this time it has reared its ugly, mythical head . It is a myth. But let me ask this: What if we allow total freedom to insurance companies? Who will fill the gap eliminating the fed will make? Whoso should arbitrarily be given the power to oversee interest rates? Why not have gas @ $5,oo/gal? Then bread can truly crest the $5.oo/loaf ceiling. Let’s make all boots $400/pair, not just Ugg boots. I just love spending $100.00 to go see a baseball game w/ a friend. I don’t want to spend $90,000 on my next truck, and I don’t like paying $12,000.00 a year in health insurance benefits, being a healthy man. Free markets break people, plain and simple. Ever wonder why, during the Reagan years (yes, that guy) More people joined the lower class than joined the upper class? Why his legacy is the biggest increase in the national debt, before and after? He was ‘Free Market.’ And so was G Bush II. Who spent like a runaway prince…. Our money. Fact: Look it up. Rhetoric and invective don’t cut the mustard in human effect economic discussions. Solutions do, and solutions we desperately need. Power to the People!

I am disgusted I am disgusted that Wall…

I am disgusted.

I am disgusted that Wall St. gets bailed out & Teachers get sold out.

I am disgusted that banks get bailed out and homeowners get thrown out.

I am disgusted that First Responders are National Heroes one minute & ‘Public Liabilities’ the next.

I am disgusted that Billionaires vacation while their drones wreck the Nation.

I am disgusted that Liars in the media have pitted real Americans against each others’ interests.

I am disgusted that we are still at War. The United States wins ‘just wars’.

Wisconsin is our Pearl Harbor!

Wake Up, America!

Your neighbors are not your enemies: They are rowing the same boat you do.