My New Shoppe

Just another announcement, if I can be of service…


Whelp! There it is: another dream realized…. Soon: been pondering & planning putting an artist/welding shop together in my Garage since I bought the place… Well, I went out to where my friend Alex works, @ Robert’s Oxygen yesterday, and picked out an efficient Portable 110/220 Lincoln MIG Welder & set-up; a sweet Victor Oxy-Acetylene Torch, and various & sundry particulars, wire, bottles, etc…. Here we go…. I’ll be building my own carts, tables, jigs & stuff. So, whatever yeah need!… even if it’s just putting IKEA Furniture together, I can do that also…. My first visible Project? Replacing the Ugliest Front Porch East of the Mississippi River, now located barely attached to the front of my abode, 73 Willow Spring Rd. Soon to be replaced w/ Grade #1 support lumber, composite ‘no visible’ attachment decking, Ornamental iron stanchions, railings, gate & handrails, with nice teak or somesuch top rail……

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Confessions of a Liberal

Lady TheoloGOP

I’m ready to come a little further out of the closet, and admit to being a deviant.  Hi, I’m TheoloGOP… and I’m a liberal.

I don’t like to shop. I hate shopping. Look, I’ll scoop a dirty cat box, detail the car, even watch “Meet The Press” quicker than I’ll go to the store without a fight.  Don’t get me wrong.  I have shopped.  I’ll even do it on my own sometimes, around the holidays, but I don’t like it.  And what’s worse, I don’t understand the thrill others find in it.

I don’t want a Lexus, BMW, or Mercedes.  I drive a clunker.  I like my clunker.  If I had a gazillion dollars, I’d still like my clunker.  Wanna know what I think when I see a car that costs over $30,000?  I think, “Oh my god! That car costs over $30,000!!!”  I don’t think, “Gee, I’d sure like…

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