When States Rights Are Wrong

Rcooley123's Blog

The United States has lately become increasingly divided into states seeking to treat members of their population as deserving of fair and equal treatment under the law and those wishing to discriminate against some and in favor of others based on arbitrary characteristics such as race, gender, ethnic group, socioeconomic status and sexual orientation. This trend alarms many who see being a citizen of the United States as becoming less important to their lives and livelihoods than the state in which they happen to reside.

A person, regardless of any of the aforementioned characteristics they may exhibit, is deserving of health care, education, employment, food, clothing, safety and shelter as well as the opportunity to pursue personal fulfillment and express themselves through speech, assembly and the ballot box. These rights should not be curtailed based on the physical location they happen to reside in within the country’s borders. Actually, the…

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