Graphic Sources: Baptists, Protestants, Poverty, Disease, Abuse

edge cases

A set of seven maps without good attribution* has been circulating lately. I have not yet seen a version large enough to read any of the smallest print on each, but managed nevertheless to piece together the sources from the captions and from a few strategic image searches. The original sources are as varied as the statistics they represent.

Graphic of unknown provenance. Graphic of unknown provenance.

Evangelical Protestant Denominations–Rates of Adherence per 1,000 Population (2010)

High School Graduates (


Diabetes (


compare with these:

A comparison with other major cults and sects seems to show that Baptists have largely displaced or prevented establishment of all others sects.

Child Maltreatment and Death


compare with these:


I think the intention of the “Slavery” graphic was to imply that the lines delimiting the “Baptist” area has remained unchanged in over a century. This…

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