Discovery ’91

Blue Collar Clarion

I juggle atoms,

Mostly now for pleasure,

Travel & leisure.

Strong hands, first weakened,

First weekend.

Regained strength,

Dexterity &


Now, I juggle atoms.

The time is coming, growing,

I feel the trampoline palm

When, with a Free Hand,

I’ll gather more atoms &

Deliberately let some collide~

In motion unrestrained to make molecules untamed,

Wild Diasporous Molecules,

Searching hand to Guide,

Motion to grow,

Context, content & flow~

And, I’ll juggle molecules,

Growing little fluid pools,

Of delight,

Feigning fright,

Bursting, cascading shards,

Glimpses of light.

Naturally, the pull & gist~

Stronger hands and

Choreographed arms &

Open fist~

Strolling, juggling trampoline molecules &

With a Free Hand~

I’ll gather molecules &

Deliberately make some collide~

In motion unrestrained to form compounds untamed,

Whet, marionette compounds~

Pleasure, pain, comets thrown

From the grain of atoms & molecules grown

& Hands whirling & curling,

Juggling puppets & parapets,


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