Just Pay Your Taxes & Shut the Fuck Up


I am a veteran, 82nd ABN DIV. One of the things learned in the service is what is & what is not “bullshit”. Now a days, all ya gotta do is mention your service, or whatever & some one just busts to say: “Thank you for your service.” I think what they’re really saying is: “Thanks for going. Glad I didn’t have to.” You really wanna thank us for our service? Enlist. Join the USO. Don’t bitch about taxes that paid me less than minimum wage when I served. Or just shut the fuck up. I know people in this ‘volunteer’ military done 4, 5 tours of duty in harms way. Gutless fucks have no idea what that means. You sleep with your families every night, not scorpions and people intent on killing you.

It is corporations & millionaires who can pay legions of accountants to evaporate their share of…

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