My recipe for people proposing to join the Supreme Court… #SCOTUS

  1. 1.) Buy a large dictionary, the older & bigger the better. Make sure it was published before 1954. 2.) Buy a large industrial type mixer. One of those 1/4 yard concrete mixer’s will work in a pinch. 3.) Put 5 gallons of clear redneck grade moonshine in the mixer. 4.) Save a gallon for yourself 5.)Add the dictionary. 6.) Start the mixer, and relax, this could take a while. 6.) After the mixture starts to congeal, you might want to put the mixer in reverse for awhile, so the hard parts are thoroughly mixed with the arcane. 7.) Once your efforts have produced a fine slurry, turn off the mixer. 8.)You have made a perfect word salad, decipherable by no one beyond the third grade, public. 9.) Serve to the masses, chilled. 10.)Viola! 
  2. Go to Law School & pay attention!

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