Why ‘Term Limits’ IS a Very Bad Idea

Term limits is a delicate impetus, it is crazy extra-Constitutional with a ‘close’ reading of said document, and who knows what truly evolves in the heart of ‘representatives’? It would probably have to be done by Constitutional Amendment. Senate rules are extremely archaic & onerous, and I would support a Nat’l Referendum to confront that problem, especially now in the digital age. But term limits would keep genuine Statesmen from continuing to contribute. If we ‘term limit’, there is only so many places that a person can continue to be effective on a Nat’l basis. But my thing is we need to quit ‘accepting’ the dumbing down of the electorate (I truly believe that has been ‘engineered’, and in no way a positive fashion); encourage more Civics & true History, Ethics & Social Studies education in the schools. You know they teach that stuff in ‘elite’ & ‘charter’ schools, see the disconnect: MONEY. 4 cases in point: Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Al Franken, Bernie Sanders. I chose two from each aisle to be fair, all very visible. Cruz is the most politically polarizing animal since Hilary, and even us Progressives thought that would be statistically impossible for a human being to become. Maybe a goat, not a human. Stinkin’ up the Senate like a sumbitch, 1st term. Vote him out, Texas, or do you want to continue to be embarrassed? Rand Paul: Presidential Aspirant, would be a second rate opthamologist without riding his cranky ol’ Pappy’s, a true blood John Birch Racist, coattails into a ‘political’ career. Dumber than a box of rocks, purely a sound bite eater. 1st Term, and Kentucky has enough of a fool in McConnell, soon to be embarrassed by a Lady w/ experience, Alison Grimes, KY AG. Then there is Al Franken, a comedian nobody gave a chance, and he has developed into one of the most thoughful, fact-based & compassionate members of the whole body. And then you have Bernie Sanders. Who has the guts, or intestinal fortitude to stand up against his fight for the American 99%? Only a fool in my book. Sounds like a nice, easy fix, makes points with some, but thought out, it actually imposes more restrictions than come with being one individual in a voting booth. Where the power truly lays, if we can ever get people to again become engaged.


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