Tax the ‘Churches’

It seems to me that ‘legitimate’ churches already enjoy quite the separation from State. The State, and its’ constituents, not so much. If the Preacher, Rabbi, Iman, Priest or Warlock wants to preach politics from the pulpit, and I include Unions in a far-reaching sweep of opposition voices, they should pay the piper. Though unchecked for centuries, and some remain ‘nuetral’, when a church, like the Catholics, who have been mega-guilty, and evangelicals right behind, it is they who set in motion the crumbling of the wall so well defined by Jefferson. No free lunches. In counterpoint, I see so many ‘store-front’ crusades, seems to me the tax-exemption is the message, providing beavoup ‘salvation’: from taxes. Another delicate subject, but between churches, special interest groups, opposing agenda’s, and campaigning competing for precious time, the government is hogtied into inactivity. Methinks we must start unravelling this Gordian knot of paralysis, or our vaunted Institutions will suffocate from inactivity.

Buddha Snagged a Plane


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