Considering Cruz Lee Gohmert &amp Palin et al…


Considering Cruz, Lee, Gohmert & Palin, et. al.: I don’t think their followers are brainwashed: they may need their brains washed (& watched) but they are not ‘brainwashed’ into their belief system. No, their ‘belief system’: “God, Guns, & Guts” (the last one centering on the fetal occupant thereof, not the mother; or a certain type of intestinal fortitude civic involvement might entail) is the fertile soil these self-centered and opportunistic nimrods have chosen to irritate in order to promote their own selfish social agendas & ‘national’ policies. These people have always been there, fomenting, babbling & burbling just below the political (except when KKK exploits cast their ugly shadow into the spotlight) radar, and were a relatively controlled though often vocal mob of miscreants UNTIL a black man started to consider running for the Presidency. That triggered the unholy matrimony, nursed by decades of Republican investments in and exploitation…

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