The Ironworker ’05

Blue Collar Clarion

Oh! The machinery!
The grinding, smooth
Repetitive siren song which
Entices us from home Hearths glow!

Oh! The chimera cast by cash
& glory, to caress the ribs &
Sinew of this Birthing Nation!
The electric tension of Work
& Play, shocked into a
Primordial compendium
Of Structure & Forest,
Bridges & Tides.

Oh! The ache: acted out,
Purloined from sea to
Shining sea—Hearts rent
Without our wanderings;
Lost goals & hapless endings,
Borderless landings.

Oh! The strife, hammered out
Of the belching forge of technology,
Cast erect into a fabric of
Acropolis, wrestled straight
From ore pits: quarried,
Smelted & hoisted to
Heights of grandeur; Pasted
Against an angry sky,
Jealous of its leaving.

Oh, the Grief! & War borne
Resolve – Ignited by
Fanatic airborne messengers
Of Doom….
Interrupted girder & Fellowmen
Plummeting from Towers to
A Manhattan more plain!

Oh! The twilight,
When memory of agony,

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