My Country Took A Knee, Beat Land of Poverty, To Thee I Sing


The Global Economy. I never liked the sound of that idea from the beginning. Just smacked too much of unbridled colonialism clothed in the guise of universal opportunity. The whole idea smacks in the face the two greatest stimuli of commerce: profit & competition. Just what has it and its incipient ally, the Global War on Terror provided us? Doesn’t take much thought to answer that, at least for our country, the United States of America. Pardon me while I enunciate just a few of the larger boulders resulting in our national genuflection before the Altar of Mammon. A crumbling and broken, outdated infrastructure propped up by promises but not action from a puppet Congress of millionaires. Invasions of foreign nationals, unchecked and expectant sucklers of our feast & bounty. A greatly diminished international influence, lost by the callous gamblings of fake patriot warmongers who so sheepishly and belligerently profited from the loss of all the hard-fought…

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