My Property. Period.

The Planet is my property, and I am rightfully concerned about everything which effects her continued health & sustenance. I vote, and I vote for change. I think what we are seeing today are the early decades of the final vacuum sucking death of the fossil age. Solar doesn’t implode the earth, it helps it. Wind doesn’t send us spinning out of control, it is the physical result of what the planet requires to maintain orbit, and thus independent of ‘ownership’: ask any sailor about the greed & vagaries of the ‘calm’…. We have waves which never stop lapping, just itching to be used beyond the shores. We have people, we have minds, and we have a mission: kidnap the Planet back from her violent aggressors, re-orienting present & future technology to be ecologically sustainable, and recycle the military/industrial complex into an ethical, peaceful and contributory benefactor in the management of resources so people, all peoples, may thrive. Malthus was an idiot. We already overproduce & waste foodstuffs, yet grind every dime of profit we can from our fossil mining. The solution is on the surface, and beyond, not further down in the cave or burning artificially hundreds of feet above the waves on drilling platforms which fail catestrophically, as do mines when they collapse or explode. It’s possible. I saw an electric dirt bike the other day: 0-60mph in four seconds. As we have proven and proven, many times, over and over: whatever we do now, we can do better in the future, or discard it if it has become onerous or dilatory in its’ function. We can get better. We have passed many tests. We need to pause, if we must, regroup, coalesce back into a Nation of Americans, not a gaggle of Special Intersts, and leverage our world power to promote peace, stability, economic independence & a better future for all, not just the Chosen Few. Remember: not one of us, rich or poor, not one of us chose to be here, to be human. We are here living out our entities largely on canvasses of our own making. I hope if at all remembered, mine may be seen by my friends as a masterpiece of love.



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