Considering Cruz Lee Gohmert &amp Palin et al…

Considering Cruz, Lee, Gohmert & Palin, et. al.: I don’t think their followers are brainwashed: they may need their brains washed (& watched) but they are not ‘brainwashed’ into their belief system. No, their ‘belief system’: “God, Guns, & Guts” (the last one centering on the fetal occupant thereof, not the mother; or a certain type of intestinal fortitude civic involvement might entail) is the fertile soil these self-centered and opportunistic nimrods have chosen to irritate in order to promote their own selfish social agendas & ‘national’ policies. These people have always been there, fomenting, babbling & burbling just below the political (except when KKK exploits cast their ugly shadow into the spotlight) radar, and were a relatively controlled though often vocal mob of miscreants UNTIL a black man started to consider running for the Presidency. That triggered the unholy matrimony, nursed by decades of Republican investments in and exploitation of the Old South, the Confederacy of old Dixie. After the assasinations, Nixon’s ‘Silent Majority’ wedded to George C. Wallace’s ‘Dixiecrats’ who became the Reagan Democrats, and ultimately, the south did ‘Rise Again’, but this time cloaked in Religious Righteousness & Republican Ideologies. All just stewing for adventure, when low & behold, Barack Hussein Obama delivers the speech at the Democratic National Convention, inflaming already toxic electorates & legislatures into a well financed, ‘grassroots’ holocaust: The Tea Party. And here we are. Economically bankrupt, and politically deadlocked. Instead of ‘Hope & Change’ we are being harangued, hijacked & extorted into a possible American Dark Age.


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