My Country Took A Knee, Beat Land of Poverty, To Thee I Sing

The Global Economy. I never liked the sound of that idea from the beginning. Just smacked too much of unbridled colonialism clothed in the guise of universal opportunity. The whole idea smacks in the face the two greatest stimuli of commerce: profit & competition. Just what has it and its incipient ally, the Global War on Terror provided us? Doesn’t take much thought to answer that, at least for our country, the United States of America. Pardon me while I enunciate just a few of the larger boulders resulting in our national genuflection before the Altar of Mammon. A crumbling and broken, outdated infrastructure propped up by promises but not action from a puppet Congress of millionaires. Invasions of foreign nationals, unchecked and expectant sucklers of our feast & bounty. A greatly diminished international influence, lost by the callous gamblings of fake patriot warmongers who so sheepishly and belligerently profited from the loss of all the hard-fought and precious gains bartered for by the blood & sacrifice of America’s ‘Greatest Generation’. Our own national economy unbalanced & in ruin, and further weakened by the value of continually less hardy dollars. A greatly over-taxed and over-extended military, with suicides, domestic violence and increasing divorce the rewards for personal sacrifice, valor & longing. An over-taxed and greatly failing educational system, where scholastic prowess has succumbed to the national craving for sports success and scandal. A media which refuses to educate or deliver valuable information, in order to profit from pitting differing audiences of class or moral warfare, Americans all.

In effect, we have uncivil war. Talking heads try to out scream one another to better their standings in the Nielson ratings, rather that truly enunciate and faithfully report the true and binding differences of the American populace. Lobbyists and an increasingly neutered Congress spend billions like dimes, projecting trillions at times, all to be hoisted, not balanced, as a yoke on all our futures.

Is history so blinding or torpid a subject, that it defies understanding? Remember this: In our own American Civil War of the mid-19th Century, members of both conflicting sides prayed to the same God, albeit in various colorations allowing for individual interpretation, as Our Constitution so fervently guarantees all citizens; or not, if they prefer.

Do you think ‘God’ picked a side, both comprised of fervent and ferocious believers occupying each camp? I think not. I think God was smarter than that. I think He?She?It? (pronounced: ‘YAHWEH) said, “Wait a minute here, they’ve just about worn each other out, and it’s just getting exciting! Gotta figure out how to make this last!” So, maybe God hemmed and hauled around a bit, we know he had more than our national interests and borders to tend, so just before ‘The End” he had a personal ‘Eureka’ moment: “I got it!” said God: ” I’ll just have the bravest and most committed Federalist callously and cowardly assassinated by the most simpering, sympathetic Sessionist I can conjure up, and these idiots will fight over this for centuries! Voila” And God saw that it was Good, and staged a play inside a play at Ford’s Theatre, and we have a decimating four-year war, no specific outcome for the issues at stake, and decade upon decade, into centuries and beyond of the same continually evolving spats and disagreements, willy-nilly, until Death do We Part, Amen.

It’s like: Fourth down and inches to the goal, 9 seconds to halftime, in say, The Super Bowl, and the Quarterback took a knee!! “Off with his head” rabid fans of eons past would have decried!


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