I am starting to really believe ‘conservativism’ is…

I am starting to really believe ‘conservativism’ is a mental illness. I also think it could be classified as a virus, because it is contagious among zealots. I know it is hereditary, often skipping a generation like other ailments, but there it is. It is unnerving, even if a staunch liberal, just because of its’ inherent ‘cognitive dissonance’. It defies reality, yet it imposes its ass print on same. It really is at least a ‘seperate reality’, but not one as enjoyable as one guided by say, Carlos Casteneda. & I keep seeing Dems so excited about the polls. Remember 2010? These people are inbred in their beliefs & vicious as ravening wolves. They are in fact, loaded apocolypsian/survivalist provocatuers, but they have no alternate vision of their proposed Nirvana except 18th C. ‘Merica. Not just ex-pat, but I have many times considered just totally unplugging & cocooning in my own happiness & ventures. I am sick of this deluded psuedo-patriotic attack on our country… Sick as hell.


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