I often wonder What if all the money…

I often wonder: What if all the money spent to perpetuate the debates was spent on eliminating the problems we debate? If there is so much private money out there to spend on ‘repealing Obamacare’, why not spend it on opening clinics the newly insured will surely need locally? How about using it to sponsor medical teams for our most desperate regions? If we can’t agree on what ‘responsible gun ownership’ entails, why not insist the manufacturers & NRA themselves dedicate a percentage of their profits to educate toward responsibility, insure against tragedy, and insist Law Enforcement truly has the hutzpah to enforce current law against known criminals & repeat offenders? Why not spend the money used to debunk labor on promoting infrastructure renewal, which would surely be used to promote for more business & manufacturing? Why not spend the money on new & better skills, and re-imburse teachers for out of pocket expenses required just to do their jobs at a minimal level? I myself, am so tired of the United States of Bickering, but until we face the facts and reclaim, restore & require political stability in Congress, the fight must go on. Let’s re-instate and strengthen Glass-Steagall? We’ve seen what weakening it has done. The real fights aren’t over the scraps dripping off the table, but about gains for the middle-class eroding. How come every time we get in any times of political turpitude, the military-industrial complex remains unaffected when it comes to sacrifice? Why can’t we re-instate the laws against lying on FCC distributed channels? We are mining the direct result of past budget cutting: lower educational standards, group mentality, lack of respect for age, Wisdom & personal sacrifice. I remember when I first heard of ‘hostile takeovers’ in the corporate world, I thought then what a poor case for capitalism if a person can spend their whole life & fortune building an enterprise only to be overtaken by investors dissatisfied with the results. I only hope the trend does not infect, as I believe it has already poisoned our national discourse. This is the United States of America, not Misery, and I do believe our most grateful people still know that to be the case.


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