Thinking. This recent debacle staged by acquiescence to the far right, and submission to it by the folks who supported the Bush/Cheney regime & their excesses against the world which still linger to lascerate & devastate even the very solvency of the United States, should be enough to be the last nail in the political suicide crucifixion of the party long rooted in the politics of greed & fear. And, may I add, not just the politics anymore, the insanity bred & fed on right wing hate media has seeped into our streets, as if we didn’t already have enough crime. & All This with the backdrop of very important international negotiations & our own still infant economic recovery. Pure Sickening. When we should have bucket brigades putting the fires out, we get whiny ass blame bitches shirking Constitutional responsibilities, commitments & procedure. Pathetic beyond Reckoning.


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