There is a root to our common future…

There is a root to our common future anchored in our past, ….surely not so far off the path to not be found. Consider Jules Vernes’ fantastically imagined tableaus of barely over a century passed, are today daily occurences. We are connected hand to hand, tetherless except by our ability to pay, visually & intellectually across continents. Humans manuever around & between modern buildings like an inter-gallactic crew on a not unmemorable starship Enterprise. We are who & where we live & how we till that soil. Let us, please, make sure we maintain the focus of technology on the Good of All Humans & our fellow Creatures, and leave well enough alone when we cannot. Surely, there is not a fiber of our existence we can not sustain, to & for the betterment of our Mother Planet, and through Her balanced distribution, improve the lives & livelihoods of our Brothers & Sisters. Intelligently, piously, and fruitfully~ And, hopefully, we can avoid all the alternate visions of despair, perdition & nuclear doom.


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