It is Insane America or most directly The…

It is Insane. You know it is.

America, or most directly, The United States of America.

I made a decision many years ago, I’d probably be more ‘well off’ materially, if I hadn’t made the decision I made. I was petitioned & rallied to walk in line, to join the ‘mainstream’. Carnegie-Mellon sent me many requests for me to study with them. It was the Watergate years, Nixon, Viet Nam winding down.

I like people, most anyway. I don’t like base criminals, you know: bank robbers & such, murderers but like Clarence Darrow represented, an argument can be made for anybody’s motivations or impulses, it’s human nature.

I tried a stint @ the University of Maryland, but I couldn’t get my head or heart around anything going on, so much angst, so much balderdash, supporting a History no one could prove, to any amount of conclusiveness.

I enlisted in the United States Army, eventually volunteering for the 82nd Airborne Division while still in Basic Training. I knew the risks involved, welcomed them. I enjoyed the prospect of ‘challenge’, still do.

I swore I would defend this Nation, etc, etc & beyond.

After I got out of the Army, I got an offer to become an Ironworker. I liked, loved the idea of physically using my body & intellect to help this Nation grow. I have helped build, with many Brothers & Sisters: Bridges, Power Houses to supply energy, grocery stores, arenas for events, hospitals: if it can be built, I helped, including roofing houses to help support myself when I got a chance to return to, & succeed in college environment, in my thirties, & graduated with Honors, Cum Laude, with a Bachelors Degree in English from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. And so, I write.

I still do, today, swear before Almighty God, whatever that may be for you, to defend this Nation. Even when it is insane, like you would for a relative, ya know?

The United States of America has gone insane.

Yeah, we still hear politicians & pundits proclaiming ‘Constitutional authority’ & ‘fiscal responsibilty’ & ‘infrastructure’… blah, blah: endless Blah.

I had hope in President Obama & the ‘Hope &Change’ he promised. Promised.

But, it does seem to me that his leadership and message has been squashed by political forces, not just the Republicans or Tea Party, but even citizens, who refuse to stand up for themselves!

Who consistently buy into a ‘theocracy’ which only has 2nd Amendment & anti-Roe v. Wade roots.

And that folks: Is Insane.

There is so much more, in the America I love, to get excited about! We took, well if History is correct, we pretty much stole a barely populated continent. Pretty much stole it. Foreign Nations, European mostly, financed expeditions & settlements, that would allow the ‘development’ of a New World.

And develop we did! Within two hundred years (three hundred in the Southwest) we explored, developed and exploited a gift from God. A gift: A brand new World, with unknown possibilities.

Wasn’t long before as a New People, we organized and supported a new Revolution, which surpassed all expectations of John Locke & the Enlightenment movement in Europe, and we successfully rose up against fiscal & social oppressors, & demanded and won our Freedom.

We defended our Freedom and ability to survive by an attempt of the British to re-impose their influence, and sent them home packing.

We not only defended our right to exist, we grew strong enough to support our former Oppressors, not once, but twice. And through the largesse of the American Economy and People, we rebuilt & enabled the entire massacred world post-1945.

All of that, and now we find ourselves in the throes of national & personal economic disaster.

Now, it seems to me, that we have Oppressors, native born maybe, but not Patriotic, who are dismantalling our success from within.

And that is insane.


2 thoughts on “It is Insane America or most directly The…

  1. John, thjis is an intense personal rant that hits home for me. I appreciate the short biographical sketch so that one may understand from whence you come. Your personal perspective is colored by the life prism through which the ligtht of history passes.
    In our current climate, if you do not support the corporate right wing usurpers, you are seen as a traitor. The reality is that many such as yourself entered into this culture with a history of personal sacrifice for the greater good of our country. You put your life on the line in the 82nd Abn. You then put your life at risk working high iron building our nations infrastructure. You are educated and have paid your dues, and it must be infuriorating to have these right wing extremist call you unpatriotic because you do not support their plan to exploit our fellow citizens.

    I agree, our country is going through an insane period. I’m with you in the state of frustration, but let’s not lose hope. We shall lift one up toether and drink to the return to sanity that will come. Solidarity my brother, I am with you in spirit and cause.

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