Historical Fact Gen Robert E Lee & his…

Historical Fact: Gen. Robert E. Lee & his Lieutenants were convinced: Convinced that God Almighty was on their side in The War Between the States. Whoops! Remember: God does claim the final say in all results under contention. Ummm…. Says so, in your book. But, I guess the RWNJ reads the Bible just about as well as they understand the United States Constitution outside of the 2nd Amendment & how they distort that. Another thing they forget: President Barack Hussein Obama is an Accomplished Constitutional Scholar. Again: Whoops!


2 thoughts on “Historical Fact Gen Robert E Lee & his…

  1. Everything is based on God and the Bible tells me so. The Bible was written by man. God, IMO, is something beyond the Bible. I can’t imagine how he/she/it feels about what’s going on in this World. Don’t know why the South celebrates the Civil War, Nothing to be proud of, nope, remember slavery was a great part of it and a stain in our Nations history. Shame on South Carlolina for flying their Confederate flag.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly about ‘God’, my God is way to big for a book & a box. I believe in an awesome, badass Jesus, the one In the bible, but diminished & forgotten by Paul & the Revisionists. He was one tough Dude! But, I believe, ‘in his Image are we all created’ so we all have the Divine spark, & we are all capable of Life to the Fullest. But in heart, not riches, just as He said! I also believe he was Boddisatva & more. I follow the Dalai Lama & many Eastern ways, it all congeals in a most comfortable man.

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