The Reality of Middle Earth

Constantly changing, unmapped & fluid, Middle Earth is, like a Crescent Wrench, vastly adjustable.

What is Change?

Here’s a brash opener for starters:

We need to change from a country that builds, sells & distributes weapons to the World to one who truly strives to insure Peace & Stability on Our Earth.

After September 11, 2001?

After all the recent calamities & Reawakening in Wisconsin?!? Africa? The Middle East? Japan?

You may ask?

I answer:  Just  bumps in the road. Pot holes. Catalysts. If used & interpreted well, used to focus the attention of True American Patriots on the Real Issues at Stake. Focus like a Laser Beam. Focus more accurate than an electron sweep telescope employs. A focus certainly more ‘important’, though probably less ‘beautiful’ than the incredible images sent back to us from our intrepid myopic third eye:  Hubble.

For too long, way too long, we have allowed war, instability, and planetary social distress to affect & effect America’s True, God Given Mission on Earth:  To Be The Beacon of Hope & Liberty for ALL Oppressed Peoples on Our Planet.

We NEED to finally, decidedly & permanently take heartfelt heed & consummately act with important deeds to answer President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s warning against the pernicious & scandalous influences of the Military/Industrial Complex.


All of it. Down to the last nut, bolt, screw, government schill & paycheck.

The continued existence of Planet Earth in this Solar System, in this Galaxy, in this Universe: Depends on the outcome of our combined efforts, strengths & weaknesses.

It will not be easy.

In fact, this will be the most difficult and all-consuming change we have ever as a Nation invested in, including: Our Revolution, Our Civil War, Our Gilded Age, both ‘World Wars’ and everything since. History depends on being able to accomplish this Mission. Our very position in the Universe is at Stake.

Much damage, much irreversible damage has already been suffered upon our fragile & ever-changing Eco-System & Environment:  From beyond the depths at the bottom of Our Oceans, to beyond the Fragile Canopy of Our Stratopshere, and further, on into Space and even beyond that.

The Nuclear Age has permanently fractured the Time-Space Continuum. Permanently, adding even more imperative Issues to Our Fix or Fate Estate.

You don’t believe me?

Then: You will not believe anyone who tries to give you proper & timely warning. You may as well lay down right now and succomb to your Death. For, success of our venture or not:  That is surely in the future for you. For all of us, faster than we thought, if we do not fully realize and truly act upon the present position of Our Planet in Time. ACT together accordingly, swiftly and accurately.

I have a workable, equitable, profitable Solution. Yes me.

The Ironworker.

I know you. I have looked Down on All of You. President & Pauper alike: I have looked down on you.

You are an interesting lot, from my vantage point. Actually, from up there, standing on an exposed Rib of Our Nation, leaning against a Column of Our Progress:  I have looked Down on You.  I have Spit:  On You.

Don’t worry, spit breaks up & flies apart on the way down, well, maybe not Levi-Garrett spit, but, you know.

That actually was a pigeon shit in your hair last week. Not my fault, … But:  Did it get your attention?

May I have your attention?

From up there, looking down, it all looks like it works perfectly. Traffic, weather, planes flying by~perfectly. Like Ken Watanabe’s expiring word in ‘The Last Samurai’: “Perfect.”

So what do we DO, friends & associates of mine have asked? And rightly so, few have answers to quell quaking hearts.

I have an answer. Probably not original in its Totality, but certainly credible in its Simplicity.


We NEED to INVENT & IMPLEMENT: The Alternative Energy/Infrastructure Complex.


We need to finally derail & permanently distance ourselves from the Coup de Etat triggered by events surrounding Dealey Plaza, November 22, 1963.

Kennedy knew.  It is evident in his National Security Memos. Check it out. Consult Fletcher.

The C.I.A.:  Capitalism’s Invisible Army, will lie to you. Witness Iraq. The ‘warnings’ of impending Middle East Upheaval.

You have to follow the money, but, I digress. Another essay, some other future day.

I have Faith.

I have Faith in MY Country:  The United States of America. Like Winston Churchill so aply put, and I paraprase now- will clarify for real Publication:  “The United States will do the Right Thing. AFTER it tries everything else”.

We NEED to INVENT & IMPLEMENT:  The Alternative Energy/Infrastructure Complex.

Well. How do we do that, you honestly & hungrily inquire? How do we do that?

Before I answer:

A very brief, not all-inclusive History:

Very much mirroring prior to World War I, before Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941: The United States was at Peace. The World wasn’t, & grudgingly, we were fueling their efforts with materiel & intelligence. From China and all around the Globe to Russia, the World was in an uproar. Let me rephrase that for clarity & accuracy’s sake: The Northern Hemisphere of Our Planet: was in an uproar of varying intensity. But, the United States, Forty-eight of them, were at ‘Peace’. It was a Sunday morning.

The Proverbial Shit Hit the Fan. With Vengeance, from Japan.

Sayonara Peace.

Within four years, in less than four years, the United States switched from an Industrial/Agricultural Society to be the Biggest, Baddest, Meanest Motherfucker on the Planet:  Bar None.  Nobody could touch us.  Not without immediate, deadly & catastrophic damage to their National Existence.

Within One Year: We changed from that Industrial/Agricultural Society, retooled, and became: The Military/Industrial Complex. You think you are safe at your job at Dairy Queen? You are not. The influence of the Military/Industrial Complex travels like atoms of cells through the capillaries of our Daily Life, just as the Night follows the Day. It is presently: Inescapable. Everyone in America, one way or the other, is inherently wrapped in its sphere of influence. Yes, even you, you tired, old, bran eating Hippies. And I thank God for you. You knew.

We changed, re-tooled, re-rigged, re-invented & transported every moment of American Time into the War Effort. And we won. Fair & Square. Entered and won, on five continents the War Against Totalitarianism. We won.

Judging from recent events in the United States House of Representatives, we might just as well have lost.

But, we Won. And, through the Marshall Act, we rebuilt & reinvigorated our many former Mortal Enemy Nations.

Now, we are where we are, left with what we have left.

We NEED to INVENT & IMPLEMENT: The Alternative Energy/Infrastructure Complex.

We need to make sure we have products to sell, that is a staple fact of the very Hope of America. We have to distribute our new found Truths, Freedoms & Abilities to the Rest of the Planet, or, we have shirked our responsibility.

To Once Again:  Be the Brightly Burning Beacon of Hope for the Oppressed People of Our World.

We need to help transition and retool the Industrial Giants, the benefactors of the Military/Industrial Glut, in order that they may fully be able to realize & help transition our way back, back the long hard road of Military Adventurism & Profit that this last almost Seventy Years has been, for naught but False Security, Profit & Death.

It will not be easy. It will be vastly expensive. It will require every molecule of our desire.

But what of the Alternative?

Complete & Total Planetary Doom. And we will never know what hit us. We will never know if it was the chicken or the egg, no one will be left to care. And Hubble will blankly stare back at where we were, wondering: What the Fuck was That? With nobody we presently Know of to tell of Our Fate & End.

We need to make sure, we need to Guarantee that Our Planet receives the very best of Our Efforts, that it may become the Planet it so Divinely Deserves to Be.

The Planet John Fitzgerald Kennedy was pointing to, before his head exploded into his Wife’s lap.

We made it to the Moon, didn’t We?

Peace. I hope you think. I hope you act. I want so to look up to see you, every new morning. Every day we have left.

Because, you see now:  Middle Earth is a place in Our Hearts, not Our Wallets.


4 thoughts on “The Reality of Middle Earth

  1. Baby steps first, leading to bigger steps as we grow in confidence and balance. Energy alternatives are ready and waiting for implementation or so I’ve heard. It’s not the science, it’s the $s we need–$s in better hands (Lottery anyone? Robin Hood, where AaaaRE you?) As for me, I can help establish new “norms:” to ride a bicycle and walk more, to shop for used instead of new, teach the next generation to be skeptical of the “official” story, to grow a garden, to gently call things what they are, to live a simpler life in defiance of the estimation of my peers. We must all re-learn to “do” with our own two hands and presume to trade in favors and skills leaving the rest “unto Caesar.” I have far to go and am not yet steady on my feet, but I will stand and try and by trying may yet inspire others to do likewise. Staying hopeful is a choice that we must each make each and every day and even moment to moment–often when hope looks like a foolish choice. Laughter helps and sometimes crying helps too. The poles of evil are despair at one end, greed at the other. The middle class is literally carrying its cross. Worse will come before better. We live in upside-down times when “common sense” is uncommon; “common wisdom” is unwise. Nobody can do the work alone, but we must have a set of common values and know that “nothing beautiful ever hurries.” (Sr. Mary Faith Schuster, OSB?) In other words, there are no violent shortcuts. A quiet clear persistent voice is deeply heard over incoherent shouts. Our president has this kind of steadiness and patience, yet the progress seems so slow that we become impatient (used, as we are, to instant gratification.) But this man knows the value of a convert and he is attempting to win converts at the highest levels. We the people must learn from this example of steady patience and it must sink into our very hearts that solidarity and fidelity are our last and best hopes. The big test comes in November 2012. We need an A to bring the grade up to a B or C. Some must study, some will tutor, some will motivate and inspire.

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