Hello World I have been a bit ‘holed…

Hello, World. I have been a bit ‘holed up’ lately, meditating, looking @ work situation. Reminiscing. Beatin’ back a low level-funk w/ Vitamins, Alka-Seltzer Plus Crystals & Sleeep. Remembering my Friends.

One of the great things that I’ve been thinking on lately: I am so humbled & flattered by the acceptance of my thoughts & words among friends & here-to-fore total Strangers, I am extremely complimented. What started as a bit of a lark, well, grew… curiously. I fondly remember a younger girlfriend telling me of her MySpace connections, and openly asking: Why would anyone want to put themselves out there, on the Internet?!
I mean, Whoa!

Well: She’s gone. (Happy Birthday, April 2nd, LAZ) I got custody of the rescued feline puppy, Annie.

In the meantime, I started to investigate Facebook, which lead me to friends & shared ideas. I learned about ‘social networking’ & being ‘LinkedIn’. I bought a great lil’ 14.1 mgpxl Canon & Upgraded my PC.

I went out to find the World of Political Art.

Somehow: I found @Twitter. I heard of it. I thought, ‘Oh, just what I need to know: where the innane are having lunch.’

I was wrong.

What an arrogant, close-minded S.O.B. I can be. It’s true. & I’ve also noticed, like myself, some of the most open-minded Free Thinking People I: Read & Know & Converse with can be some of the most Obstinate Combatants when perversely, to them, their Core Principals are challenged or even just ‘not upheld’.

At first, I just ‘watched’ @Twitter go by, & bye, started to look. Read. Watch: What is a ‘#’? RT, MT, DM?Wondered aloud if I might inflence someone to get me a date with Jenifer Aniston. Maybe Jen, herself?

Fan Sites.

Started to see there were real people, Heavy Hitters, speaking to issues & relevance.

I did a stint as the self appointed: Uber-Reichsfuhrer of the Known Universe.

I couldn’t keep up with the @Twitter feed, much less Logistical Considerations on Alpha Centauri.

Now, I have been allowed to grow even more, by making connections with people & organizations & ideas & leaders of same; I’ve been able to transport some of my thoughts & influences if not into the ‘Mainstream’: Well, I do believe I’m being buffeted about by a significantly swollen Tributary, at least.

I spent so many frustrated years. Years where I would read & investigate… Confounded by what I saw as a narrow, competitive struggle between: Information & Receptors & Actors & Authors & Photographers & Editors & On & On, but I kept wondering & evolving. Watching & Sorting, where? what? is the Truth?

@Twitter gave me a platform of intimate discussion & rebuttal & bald faced humor in the face of catostrophic & calamitous, as well as cheerful & courageous Events…. In Real Time!

Remember the Chilean Miners?!? @Twitter & Chilean TV were there for every pebble drop, setback & Ultimate Victory! I’ve been able to connect with, comment on, & engage in direct interchanges with my former Heroes of Info, and learned of so many more innocuous & vibrantly criminal Voices Abound as Unbound May Be.

I noticed many people on @Twitter: Blog. I sought advice from my friend, @Dr.Spaulding & came to know WordPress.

So, this is my simple hope for us, those of you who know me now & will join me in the Future:

Let us Perpetually Search For, Embrace & Share The Truth.


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