Our Close Brother & Friend May you Rest…

Our Close Brother & Friend, May you Rest in Peace Eternally, Bobby Cox. Long time Loyal Member of Ironworker’s Local 16, Baltimore, MD and son of same: He was a man: backed what he said. Did what he meant. I loved that guy. The Earth is a couple stone lighter this Day, Paradise gained one Hell of a Man. Bobby Cox is one of the bravest men & most fervent representatives of way past blood deep Brotherhood I have ever had the honor to work with & know. & Irish to Boot! I think maybe just a few know I have had the pleasure of a unique FB jam w/ Bobby. He shared so of himself, I was honored to banter with him of subjects scattered cross the winds & tippin’ shores. A stoic man, yet marvelously chained lightning funny & true to the bone, he stared down his opposition & ate it to the end. Let us stand together in defense of his surviving & grieving family. My friends, tend to your hearts, hold your Brothers & Sisters Dear, ‘fore who knows when the Scythe strikes its unerring blow?

Get Up On It, Bobby!!!

A Man Among Men, Now Workin’ the Big Iron in the Sky.

God Speed & God Bless you Bobby Cox. You gave so much and asked so little.


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