One of the things that really drives the…

One of the things that really drives the republibernazis crazy about us is we obviously just don’t care what they think of us. I for one, w/ my life experience might appear to be a poster child for a Right Wing Neighborhood Uber-Captain, with accompanying & liveried personal horse cavalry. But, alas, as attractive as that opportunity may be to me on one level, I ain’t dumb. I don’t cop to a bunch of bullshit just cause somebody says so, I’m a free independent liberty minded tree-huggin Middle of the Roader who’s willing to fight the Drug War to the last toke! Whether or not I imbibe, they can go have sex with their inflatable masochistic selves & punish each other for all I care, ’cause I’m a Real American, and after the work is done, I’m ready to play! Armed & dangerous radical free thinkin’ Democrat! Woo! Woo! And what really kills me is how the pro-lifers choose to abort the Constitution to support their purposes. Pro-Life/Pro-War makes about as much sense to a sane sober minded person as ‘half-pregnant’! You either ‘are’, or you ‘are not’. Never can anybody have it both ways no matter what. Most adults know that. Children over three should know that, and it could be reinforced periodically. They shanghaied the Religious Right with their 2nd Amendment/pseudo-Pro-Life Agenda, vacant and archaic rhetoric and did whatever they pleased, willy-nilly while the nation polarized over those issues, mimicking a rugby scrum in its fragility. We need to stay with pragmatic, workable, equitable solutions which benefit the most amount of people. Politics is the art of compromise, but the modern political system has professionalized stagnation to a large degree, supported in trump battle by their allies the ‘Free’ Press & eternal lobbying. I’m tired of all this crap. I want America to work, to thrive, to prosper! Individually & collectively, I want every Citizen of this Nation to be locked & loaded to Rock & Roll in the direction of their personal choosing and have opportunities open to them only imaginable elsewhere on Earth! The warmongers preach peace & liberty, but their tactics, after they have selected, schooled, fed & trained vibrant, likable respectable Americans, result in multiple abortions after ‘deployment’. They have never had a plan for extricating us from the morass they so eagerly & pre-emptively, in the case of Iraq, dedicated our national treasure. Remember when we told ’em it would be another Viet Nam? They said: No, it will pay for itself. Who voted against it: The Sea-to-shining-sea American President, then Senator Barack Hussein Obama, (D) Illinois. And they pin their hopes on a Quitter who twitters about moose killing & spews hateful, unsupported & usually incoherent bile.


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