$12,000.00 year I pay twelve thousand a year…

$12,000.00/ year. I pay twelve thousand a year, during an ‘average’ year while working. Our plan is tied to work. No work/no insurance. Group health/collective bargaining. GEM Group, Pittsburgh controls hundreds, if not thousands of union health/pension/annuity plans. They are thieves. They and their actuaries cry for more $$. We vote it to them, not willing to loose what we have. We lose a benefit or gain a debit: deductibles rise, co-pays increase, scrip costs go up. Never fails. Been the same the last twelve years I have been affiliated in Baltimore area, worse down south. And the non-union guys? Worse. Much worse. Pathetic. Painfully pathetic. My friends w/ families? Spouses w/ disabilities? Suffering. Mercilessly suffering. They need relief. Just the strain of contemplating the end of their ‘lifetime’ allowances because of more than quadrupling costs is almost more than we can bear. And ours is considered a “Cadillac’ plan by the Powers that be. Don’t listen to them, it is a Yugo. A sick and tired old Yugo. We need relief, not sympathy. We need help, not pandering. We need a solution, and we need it now. My annuity statement? one piece of paper. Generated: Quarterly. Always two months behind on analysis. Always. I can, and do check my numbers daily online. Same company. Last years cost for one page of old financial news I’m supposed to be able to analyze and make decisions from: $12.00/quarterly; $48.00/year. This year: No difference, same old one page news? $24.00/quarterly, $96.00/ year. 100% increase, no improvement. It is Pathetic what these scoundrels will do when off the leash. Pathetic.


3 thoughts on “$12,000.00 year I pay twelve thousand a year…

  1. Have ya talked to the Elected trustees about your concerns JR, oh thats right we don’t have them anymore since the takeover. If you think they are theives, talk to some old timers about when we were self administrated unchecked theivery!!!

      • Local 16’s preeminence never left!, the economy and the work dried the fuck up, local 16 will always prevail, we have some of the best IW’S that there is, and sad to say some of the worst. In order to prevail we must have a way to effectively rid our local of those people and not put dues collection as the #1 Priority thru the INT”L!! Productiveity Works!

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