Free markets have devastated this country The unions…

Free markets have devastated this country! The unions stopped the first wave, now we’ve been literally invaded by third world countries, either people in or jobs out, and it has become every free- thinking citizen for him/her self to defend themselves against the status quo! Remember $4.40 for gas just before last election cycle? Think that was a … fluke? How about Wellpoint, and their multi-digit inflation of HC policies, year after year? Free market? Helpful? Free market? How come we can’t sell cars in Asia, but they can here? Tariffs too high? Don’t think so. Difference of product priority and infiltration of domestic market and manufacturing base. Free market: Cheney/Halliburton/Blackwater feeding/gassing/housing American military enterprise overseas? At our expense? The American taxpayer financed that debacle, and none of that scum has been held accountable, no they are exulted by their syncophants. The military used to support itself, in field & food, until ‘menial jobs’ were farmed out, for profit, so the ‘all volunteer’ (yeah, right) force could ‘modernize’. Cheney/Rumsfeld. The political right and their sibilant slaves have wielded the ‘free market’ myth to fleece the uneducated flock. There never has been ‘free markets’ and there never will be. All markets are co-dependent on all they touch, and independent of none: Witness the recent housing crunch, which has directly effected me, and I have never built a house! Witness past oil embargoes, which crippled this nation in early seventies. President: Nixon. His politics: Free market. His answer to world wide problem: Price and wage freeze. Free market? The biggest, most un-nerving, de-stabilizing urban myth and conservative rallying point I have personally ever heard of. The end result of a totally ‘free market’ economy is economic enslavement of the populace, and subsequent widening of the income gap, elimination of the ‘middle class’ and a return to feudalism. It is based in the colonial ideals of ‘mercantilism,’ and it failed during the capitalistic exploits of the independence movements of emerging nations after WWII, and it will rightfully fail this time it has reared its ugly, mythical head . It is a myth. But let me ask this: What if we allow total freedom to insurance companies? Who will fill the gap eliminating the fed will make? Whoso should arbitrarily be given the power to oversee interest rates? Why not have gas @ $5,oo/gal? Then bread can truly crest the $5.oo/loaf ceiling. Let’s make all boots $400/pair, not just Ugg boots. I just love spending $100.00 to go see a baseball game w/ a friend. I don’t want to spend $90,000 on my next truck, and I don’t like paying $12,000.00 a year in health insurance benefits, being a healthy man. Free markets break people, plain and simple. Ever wonder why, during the Reagan years (yes, that guy) More people joined the lower class than joined the upper class? Why his legacy is the biggest increase in the national debt, before and after? He was ‘Free Market.’ And so was G Bush II. Who spent like a runaway prince…. Our money. Fact: Look it up. Rhetoric and invective don’t cut the mustard in human effect economic discussions. Solutions do, and solutions we desperately need. Power to the People!


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