Well it is complex It has much to…

Well, it is complex. It has much to do with how the districts have been realigned to create safe zones for reelection. Plus, In the Senate, you have an inherent disparity in power versus representation, whereas Delaware, small area, small population has two Senators, definitely as the Constitution states & then you have say, California, with a very large area, and a very large,diverse population, actually the 6th largest economy in the world, again, with its two Senators, as guaranteed by the Constitution. Counterpoint, we have Alaska, with the largest area, few people, and two Senators. This is not a new problem, it has just been pushed aside and ignored as the Nation grew Westward. Compound those weighty and complex disparities with a lobbying industry the Founding Fathers had no ability to imagine, issues used to be settled in the Tavern…. And we see how the Constitution could be interpreted as either a living, changeable guide, as it has been for over two centuries, or: we can see it as the rock hard, fundamental framework, which some even think the Bill of Rights distorted. We can compare the tension to how some Christians interpret the Bible fundamentally, accepting all as written (usually unaware of the at least 61 ‘official’ editions, including the Duay, St. James & Catholic‎) and others interpret as an inspired Spiritual guide, of comfort and meditation with which to use as a guidepost for truly God like (in his Image) living… Actually, if we stand back and listen, the exact same issues as inspired our Civil War, of 1861-1865 (hot part) still reverberate in the Halls of Congress, some 145 years later (cold part) States Rights, Tariff duties, Individual Rights, etc. What most miss, is A. Lincoln, Republican, was considered a ‘Liberal Federalist’ in his days of trying to save the Union @ all cost, whereas his Vice Pres, Johnson, was a Southern Democrat, with southern leaning sympathies and we see how the platforms of the party’s, but not the names have ‘flip-flopped’ over the ensuing decades. I am a Democrat (Modern, Pragmatic) because I believe all people, of all races, ages, sexual orientations, creeds, , all our contentious differences, deserve the same rights and privileges as I enjoy, even though they may not be white, veteran, or actually involved with making our Nation stronger. I believe in a level playing field, where everyone deserves an equal chance @ the American dream, at least legal residents, let’s clarify that, regardless of their lineage, or connections or religion, or color, or whatever. This Nation goes way beyond the commonness of others: We are an inspired lot, given an opportunity during the Age of Enlightenment by a Divine Being, to wrest ourselves from the shackles of religious and mercantile slavery, establish a new land and a new idea, and hoist the Lamp of Liberty for all to follow. Our enemies have been inspired by our example: Ho Chi Minh & Mao Tse Dong both used the US Constitution as a template for their Constitutions (yes, they have them also) and the Diet of Japan still uses our parchment as one of its centering credos, after Gen. Douglas MacAuthor helped them fashion their own, after their unconditional surrender upon the decks of the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay. We should take great pride, and acknowledge these facts with reverence. Back to the original issue: Until we decide to agree to disagree, peacefully, like my fellow Democrats endured what we thought an illegal administration did for eight years, until we encourage and demand that our representatives in the halls of Congress & the White House see fit to adhere to majority rule, wait your turn, I fear we may be consumed by gridlock, cascade back into economic Depression, and be easy pickings for our enemies. And, we do have enemies, more so now, than we did in 2000.


One thought on “Well it is complex It has much to…

  1. I think it is NO DOUBT that Americans cannot OVERLOOK the UNDEREDUCATED GOPBOTs who live among freedom-loving democratic Constitutional advocates! The worst enemy is the one that considers human integrity & human dignity to be ‘inflated opinions by infidels who own no property at all’ or some paraphrase, thereof…. Common vernacular distinguishes such enemy as The Republican Party, Tea Party, Libertarians, 23 American Hate (Terrorist) Groups living in Oklahoma (Southerm Poverty Law Center website) and religious organizations/groups who favor their ‘entitlement salvation’ as a means to ‘abuse, misuse and demean’ humans through any economical, legal or racist scam available. The audacity to affirm democratic Constitutional values, principles and goals has come under scrutiny by the immorally rapacious cretins among us who have such revulsive disdain for equality, diversity, integrity and humanity as confirmed by their economic and egregious assaults upon those most vulnerable in our American society: Children, Women, Senior Adults, Physically Disabled and Mentally Challenged individuals.

    Americans have been left with NO OTHER CHOICE than to excoriate and excise this cancerous infestation of ideological aristocratic fascism, heretofore, mentioned as The Republican Party. It is the patriotic resolve of all Americans who support the U. S. Constitutional democractic system to defeat this enemy of the people of the United States of Americafrom which our esteemed and wise ancestors gave to us as their legacy of hope and healing for humanity.

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