Countering Elitist Vitriol ~ From 2K10: Clairvoyant?

You know, Mr. McG’s inflated view of himself as a champion of debate is further evidence of the elitist vitriol and invective that infuriates the working and voting classes of America. His disgust with my rebuttal, after he opened the door of personal attack in a public forum, evidenced by saying my ‘ intolerant’ stance had ” a bit of straw man pushing that argument.” What does he know of me, or my knowledge and deep concern, on a concrete level for these issues, and this bill in particular? Who, I ask you, threw down the gauntlet? Who, when challenged, left the field of debate in a huff, claiming: ” I don’t know how to react to disagreement”? Not all debate, I am happy to report, and especially not all effective, pragmatic, solutions oriented debate happens within the Ivory Tower, the Halls of Congress or the Chambers of the Legal Bar. Most debate, of any long-lasting cognitive accomplishment, is settled in the rank and file, among the participants, among the affected. We, I believe I can speak openly for the working class, are grievously fatigued by the high-handed and condescending manipulation of our views and input by those who would wish to squelch our opinions and God given and Constitutionally guaranteed right to have our voices heard.

We listened to the arguments during the Bush years that Americans couldn’t handle the onslaught of construction and other jobs which were to follow along the economic bubble propelled by his irresponsible tax breaks. Where are those jobs now? Why was not the rebuilding of our decaying infrastructure a necessity during his two terms as President & Commander in Chief? Is the goal of the Elite to truly establish and defend two America’s: one for the ‘haves’ and one for the ‘have nots’? Before I entered into a commitment of service to Our Country, as a soldier in the true elite, America’s ‘Guard of Honor’: The 82nd Airborne Division, I raised my hand to uphold our laws and Constitution against all enemies, WITHIN and WITHOUT. I have never for a moment rejected or reneged on my commitment and oath of honor, and I never will. As a member of another elite organization, The International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental and Reinforcing Ironworkers, I have helped build this country for thirty years, from sea to shining sea. And I am Proud of my Life, my Honor, my Work, the hard work and efforts of my Brothers and Sisters and my commitment to Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

Let all naysayers and opponents be aware: We live here, We work here, and We vote here….
They oughta slap the owners of the companies that take unfair advantage of aliens, legal or not, with charges of Treason. Might put a stop to the “Magic Kingdom” the illegals imagine, but DID NOT HELP BUILD! Why should Native Americans, and I am a White Native American, pro-Union veteran, wait in line behind unwelcome ‘guests’? WTF? I hate to admit it, but Ross Perot was right on with this issue. All GATT/NAFTA did was lay out a red carpet entry way for abuse of the American Worker & Way of Life. I don’t begrudge opportunity to legal immigrant populations, hell, my Grandma was from Ireland. But she worked, married, raised a 5 Star WWII American family, and her progeny are successfully contributing to the American Spirit. No one should be allowed to enter Our Country and set up satellite Third World Neighborhoods. Come to America, become American: OR LEAVE. Go back to where you had it ‘so good’ before, and contribute to getting your own God-forsaken countries in line with Progress. Then, they won’t be so easy to leave… Ever wonder why so very few Americans emigrate? Think about it! I am NOT anti: Hispanic, Black, Asian, Gay, Islam or whatever the force du jour is. I AM against healthy able bodied Americans paving the way to perdition with laziness and apathy. This is the Greatest Nation Ever, and can only remain so if the Citizenry expect and demand the very best outcomes for the most people, from their representatives, Republican, Democratic or whatever flavor they choose. The Constitution works and thrives, and NOT only when your Party controls the reigns. We are America, and we better get and stay involved, or we are going to become the biggest FAILED HOPE in History. And if our lights go out, whoso will represent & defend Freedom to the World?



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