Spotting Hotspots

Been thinking lately. This whole tangle of turmoil in the Middle East: Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain, Libya, unrest in Syria, Jordan & Saudi Arabia, flare ups in the fledgling Iraqi ‘Democracy’, dissent spreading to Turkey. Iran, smoldering as ever. Gaza, the West Bank… Where were, or what were the C.I.A. doing? Every capitol in the world reeled in reams of news footage, satellite images spewing reports: champions of Liberty & despot murderer’s stories told & retold, woven together into a cacophony of contending proportions, competing agendas.

Where was the C.I.A.?

Was there really no suspense? Was this multi-national, simultaneous convulsion anticipated? Or, was it instigated? Rumors upon rumors, rabid conjectures of plot & sub-plot have circulated and percolated ad infinitum, woven into the very fabric of the reality of this most tumultuous region since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and centuries preceding its’ defeat and subsequent reapportionment among the Colonialists following the end of World War I.

Did anybody see, or maybe anticipate this simultaneous implosion was brewing, or even inevitable?

Where was the C.I.A.?

One thing I have noticed, a particularly glaring commonality spreading throughout these developing revolutions, is that it has become unmistakably clear that most of our ‘ally’ Nations in the region were not, have never been, and may well never be Democratic Societies. Most, it is increasingly apparent, were governed by either monarchial elites, bludgeoning the civil rights of their minions, or outright Soviet style puppet dictators who kept their populations brutally in check, in order to support a feigned, cobweb like chimera of ‘stability’ in the region. A real life three-dimensional hologram of industrious cohesion in order to support and satiate the international lust for King Oil.

The markets responded immediately, they always do.

It seems that up until today, the world’s response has been confused: complicated by each stepping stone’s entry into the volatile fray, or muffled by warmongering platitudes demanding the same old solutions, or actively promoting disengagement until the will of the indigenous and frustrated sovereign populations be predicated and announced.

Now, after much wrangling and hand wringing, the solution has become, at least for Libya, a ‘coordinated’ military response, barely discriminate in its application, and foretelling no clear projection of its outcome or success. Meanwhile, the information stream emigrating from the area sways wildly between jubilantly liberated free peoples celebrating their first morsels of Liberty, and horrendous casualties overcome by the heavy handed and desperate retaliations of their masters.

Where was the C.I.A.?


4 thoughts on “Spotting Hotspots

  1. Where was the CIA??? Why, waiting for Joe Wilson of course….all he’d have to do is ask, and all foreign governments come clean..if we had only known sooner, all of our respective intelligence services could have stayed home…..

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