It was an adroit political move we needed…

It was an adroit political move: we needed the ‘2nd stimulus’ for the unemployed. So, he had to go for the extension of the Bush tax cuts, which while helping us, the Middle Class, it hung out the top 2% in the wind as the greedy bastards they are. The numbers are astronomical, almost incomprehensible when you see just how much is controlled, not by the ‘top 2%’ we hear about, but the top one tenth of one percent. I can’t even get my head around the disparity, it is criminal. We are not broke. The deficit ballooned because the tax breaks were an onerous burden on the national budget. Now, real people, including Sen Bernie Sanders, I-VT, see just how ridiculous the fleecing of America has become. All the while they allow the import/export disparity to increase, not in our favor, mind you. We have low import tariffs for most countries, while they charge upwards of 25% on our products, mostly big line items trying to make inroads into their markets. GATT, NAFTA & MFN have all combined to take the United States economy down, while elevating very few foreign economies. The result of the combination of those treaties effects is the exact opposite of what was sold to us to allow their passing in the ’80s & ’90s. GATT & NAFTA, or at least America’s support of them ought to be repealed by Congress, but there is scant hope of that happening while the Orange Man & his allies attack Freedom, while completely ignoring their promise to vigorously pursue a jobs creating agenda. They lied, again. Plus, we need to legislatively neuter SCOTUS’s ‘Citizen’s United’ opinion, an effort being fronted by Sen Al Franken. Let me repeat: We are not ‘broke’. The ‘deficit’ is a conglomeration of #’s, rarely well interpreted by even the soundest economists. The real fact is this: The deficit would go down naturally, if we were working. Payroll taxes would greatly help in its’ reduction. Fact: Nothing in, well, gives you: nothing in. So the deficit rises because nothing is off setting it’s natural growth. Notice how easily they go for programs which help the disadvantaged & disenfranchised, including us: SS & Medicare, while adamantly refusing to reel in our astronomical defense budget. You know how when ya get in a fight, and stop fighting, well; fight’s over, right? Usually? We need to re-invent the military/industrial complex as the Alternative Energy/ Infrastructure Complex. I see a bunch of work being demanded in retrofitting our Nuclear Energy grid, not only because it is way old & much needed, but because the recent tragedies in Japan have refocused the attention and debate about nuclear energy as a ‘clean’ alternative to one with potentionally catastrophic results for the Planet. Other than these few & humble suggestions, I’m not sure, yet. I know one thing is as true as I am breathing: The Right Wing is not on the working man’s side. Never has been, never will be. Witness Wisconsin. I hope this helps?


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