Just Pay Your Taxes & Shut the Fuck Up

I am a veteran, 82nd ABN DIV. One of the things learned in the service is what is & what is not “bullshit”. Now a days, all ya gotta do is mention your service, or whatever & some one just busts to say: “Thank you for your service.” I think what they’re really saying is: “Thanks for going. Glad I didn’t have to.” You really wanna thank us for our service? Enlist. Join the USO. Don’t bitch about taxes that paid me less than minimum wage when I served. Or just shut the fuck up. I know people in this ‘volunteer’ military done 4, 5 tours of duty in harms way. Gutless fucks have no idea what that means. You sleep with your families every night, not scorpions and people intent on killing you.

It is corporations & millionaires who can pay legions of accountants to evaporate their share of fair market tax. You have to be a home owner to enjoy any relief from the middle class burden and it is small relief. Renters are screwed. Now, we have pundits on national news(?) saying a man’s house should have been allowed to burn down. Larry the Cable Guy used to ask in his early radio schtick: “What is this, Russia?” Well, what is this America becoming? It sure smells like: I got mine, screw you. It is enough to make a responsible grown up puke.

One of the reasons the Right has such trouble with this change, that is working, is this: The egomaniacs just refuse to believe that they were duped. That they are wrong, and their way did not work. If it had worked: General Motors & Chrysler would never have gotten close to bankruptcy, they sure didn’t when we were young. Wall Street wouldn’t have imploded on the deck of their own nefarious machinations, i.e.: the derivative market. We wouldn’t be having hundreds of thousands of foreclosures on homes and farms, and we would not need a national moratorium on foreclosures to see if the “paperwork was done correctly”. We would not be financing two endless wars. If anyone thinks Iraq is over, remember the Iranian Hostage Crisis? That was 1979. And we have no problems with Iran’s policy today, right? The Gulf of Mexico would not have hemorrhaged. We would not be chasing covert Blackwater types around the globe, wondering what they are doing outside of our national foreign policy. Credit card companies would have never dreamed of tripling and quadrupling interest rates on people who never should have qualified for a credit card in the first place. And they solicit ‘credit worthy’ people on college campuses? When they can barely afford beer? We would not be approaching the end of our fossil fuel days, we would have reserves aplenty, because we would have already in place alternative energy sources, because we heeded the implicit warnings of the first two Arab Oil Embargoes: If you use less, you save more.

Basic economics evade these Adam Smith-Thomas Malthus Colonialists, and their thirst for wealth will not be satiated until they have the whole world in their power. They do not give a fuck about our national sovereignty, why should they act like they care for other Nation’s? Make no mistake: The Good Old Boys & Girls are not your friends. They are fortune vipers who will not be satisfied until you are bled dry.

But there are going to be very many people who are too cowardly, too selfish to make this country the beacon of hope it once was, not too distantly in our past. They will vote for incompetent windbags like Palin, Boehner, Angle, O’Donnell and any other mindless fuck who tells them: Trust me. Give us back the House of Representatives. Give us back the Senate. And we will not fuck you. Again.

Anybody who truly loves their neighbor. Believes they are their brother’s keeper (all brothers, not just the light colored ones).Anybody who believes it is not America’s job to ‘serve & protect’ the world. Anybody who truly believes in the Constitution, that it lives and breathes so every citizen can live and breathe easier. Anybody who thinks infrastructure & national debt trump foreign power. Anybody who believes in the sanctity of life. Anybody who can see the paradox of being: ProLife & ProWar at the same time. Anybody who believes in the pursuit of life, liberty & happiness, for all, not just the well bred. Anybody who believes the legacy of America is hope, not turmoil. All of you who believe these things are true, powerful and real: Vote Democratic, it may only be the ‘lesser of two evils” now…. But you will never believe the amount of turmoil you will, and should suffer if you return the halls of power to the very people who put our Nation in this position in the first place.

Shame on you. Shame on you America, if you allow this debacle to happen again. Shame on you.

In the America these fucks claim to want to return to: It would have been unthinkable to have American construction workers in boots that say: Made in China. It would have been unthinkable that Levi Strauss jeans were not made in San Francisco, CA. It would have been unthinkable to not have an American made appliance in your house or American car in your driveway. It would have been unthinkable to be in debt with China or any other Communist country. It would have been unthinkable to have people using food stamps, medical assistance and subsidized housing: gambling, affording cell phones, and pleasuring themselves with custom nail polish, body art & multiple piercings.

They talk about a Responsible America? Well stop allowing them to sell our opportunity out to the lowest bidder. Stop allowing them to borrow against products we have not produced.

Just stop them. It is the only sane, rational & responsibly American choice. Come November 2nd: Stop them. You know who they are: The Loud Ones Who Don’t Say Anything of Substance. Who have no plan to offer, just criticism of efforts to improve our lot. Stop them.

Otherwise: Shame on you. You deserve the hell you invite with your ignorance of facts & history. Shame on you


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